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Writing and editing services to elevate your story to the next level -- no matter the audience

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Stories inform how we understand the world -- and how the world understands us. Whether you're a novelist struggling to find your voice, a business executive with an inspirational book idea, or an international brand promoting your newest product line, a stronger story makes all the difference.

Let me help you tell yours.

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Who Am I?


I've been a writer since I first learned to pick up a pen. From humble beginnings writing my first short story on a pack of Post-It notes as a six-year old, I later had a poem written for a school assignment reprinted in full in The New York Times as a ninth grader.


Since then I've collaborated on everything from journalism and literary fiction to retail brochures and multi-channel branded marketing campaigns, finding ways to bring value by making stories shine.

My creative versatility allows me to elevate your project in ways that other contractors can't. For more detail on my background, check me out on LinkedIn.

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  • I can elevate your brand and marketing materials and write engaging, SEO-friendly website copy

  • If you're looking for a blogger who can perfectly match your brand's voice and can switch seamlessly between topics and industries, look no further

  • Whether you're a self-help guru, life coach, businessperson, or novelist with a story to tell, I'm a ghostwriter who can turn your idea into a marketable book



  •  Copy editing and developmental editing will turn your fiction or non-fiction book into a page-turner that feels like it was written by a seasoned author

  • Wrote your website, but need it to glisten? Whether you're a lifestyle blogger or entrepreneur with an online store, I can polish your copy and make it search engine-optimized to engage customers, drive engagement, and inspire click-through

  • If your copy contains even a small typographical error, it can translate to a lost customer. I'll sweep your site, book, blog, or brochure for any errors that you may have missed


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If your story could be stronger, tell me a little bit about your project and what you want it to achieve, and I'll reach out.



RIE LEE - Novelist & Author:

"Eric has that perfect blend between personal and professional. His edits are useful, thoughtful, and generally always right on the nose (much to my writerly dismay). He's always willing to make himself available when you're panicking, and he knows how to find the balance between encouraging and critical. I'd jump at the chance to work with him again."


"I’ve been associated with Eric since 2012. When he began with us, had 210,000 unique annual visitors. As a result of Eric’s ability to rapidly craft destination, blog, and resort content that resonates with engaged couples, our traffic soared to well over 1.4 million unique visitors & a top spot on Google. In fact, because Eric is such a talented and prolific writer, I have now partnered with him on a new venture aimed at luxury lifestyle travelers. Bottom line, for my money, Eric Raue is best of breed!"

MARIE DUNN - Freelance Editor:

"Eric's got superb editorial judgement. He's tasteful and decisive, he's got a great ear for language and a keen sense of the reader's perspective. And, he's a wonderful writer.
He can distill complicated ideas and look right into the heart of a story and see all the possibilities.

"In his work with writers he's open, generous, and engaged. He supports writers, both beginners and seasoned ones, with sympathy and humor and guides them toward their voice and the story they intended to write. At the same time he's able to do all the nuts and bolts production work and keep everything on track."

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Call Me: 203-826-6517


Unsure how to pronounce my name? It rhymes with "Cleric Maui."